Interested in supporting my journey and want you or your company's logo and products to appear on my website, as well as my other various social media accounts? Interested in having your company's logo on my race gear and kit? Please leave me a message or email me at and I'd be glad to discuss these opportunities with you.


To pursue her dream of making  the 2020 Olympic Team as well as representing Ghana at international meets, Flings dedicates most of her time to training. She's given up the comfort of her family and friends and moved from Toronto, Canada to train with her coach in Syracuse, NY. Her training and competition schedule make it impossible for her to have a full-time job.  She spends the majority of her day training and doing active recovery to get ready for the next day. She trains 5 days a week travels to meets on weekends. Your support would enable her to stay focused on her training, receive the medical care she needs to remain healthy, and travel to national and international events. Please consider supporting Flings in her goal to represent Ghana at the 2019 World championship and the 2020 Olympics.  Donations of any amount – no matter how big or small – are greatly appreciated and would help her realize her dreams. Thank you for your support!