Flings' Favs

Writing Challenge! I’m challenging myself to write and post every week-day this week, I decided to write about my favourite podcasts, of which I have exactly 5. No more no less, just one for each weekday. Ok, that’s a lie, I have more but these next few days, I’ll introduce you to my current favourite podcasts. Podcasts have quickly become one of my favourite things. Whether its washing dishes, on long flights or even in the shower, I listen to learn, laugh, relax and learn new things.

Snap Judgement “Storytelling with a beat”

This was the show that really got me into podcasts. I stumbled upon this show by accident one Sunday morning as we were running late to church (unfortunately not an uncommon occurrence). I love this podcast because I’ve always been drawn to stories. It came on our local NPR radio station. We would always catch the beginning of the show but miss the end of it, it came on at the same time as the church service we were attending so we always missed the end. The parts we would catch would always draw us in and leave us wanting more. They tell stories about people, from all over the world, using music. The host Glynn Washington has a smooth voice and the producers and other storytellers do a great job at bringing the stories to life. If you like real-life stories told with a creative touch, you’ll love Snap Judgement as much as I do. 

They also host live shows I hope to attend one day, here’s a link to one of their shows recorded on YouTube.


Love Always,