Last Weekend Today

Last weekend was a relatively low key weekend. Aside from practice I went to the mall (Destiny USA) with Ramon to watch him in his first ever Smash Bros tournament. I've only seen him play his cousin and some random people online. It was exciting to see him play against other people in person. The tournament took place in the Jay St Video Game store. This was his first tournament so I don't know if it was a good turn-out, but there were about 9 players. He finished 2nd! 

Ramon in his first Smash Bros tournament

Ramon in his first Smash Bros tournament

After he played his first match, I went to sit outside the store so I could do some editing, (I didn't feel like standing around watching the other people play.) I sat just outside the store and could see inside through the glass windows. I started people watching and after a while realized that a couple had sat at the table next to me and were having an intense conversation/argument.  I wanted to get my 'Harriet the Spy' on and listen to what they were saying and sneak pictures of them, but I respected their privacy and just semi watched their actions and movements. They reminded me of the frustration I feel when Ramon and I are trying to talk something out, but can't understand each other. I got so engrossed with them that a missed a couple of Ramon's other matches (OOPS! No worries I went back in time to see the final), but the conversation seemed to end well. The couple got up, hugged and walked away together. Ahhhhh love and happiness!



On Sunday I went to church at the Abundant Life Christian Center. The service was very inspiring and I felt blessed to have been able to go and enjoy. I loved the pants I wore! I got it made in Ghana when I was there last summer but it was my first time wearing them anywhere.


what did you guys do this weekend or last? Let me know

xoxo, Flings