Positive Mondays Sept 28


Hello Loves! Sorry, I've been MIA. Between getting ready for my last meet in Brazzaville, Congo, not having Wi-Fi in the living quarters and still trying to adjust to the time zone because I have sleeping problems, I have been bad at keeping up with this blog. Starting today, I am back on it. What better way to start than with Positive Mondays??

This is for you. Yes, you. I saw this quote and it made me smile and think of you. Just know that this is true. If you ever doubt, are feeling down about yourself or find yourself a little lost, "promise me you'll always remember" this. Deep down inside you know this is always true, but sometimes life throws soo many curve balls our way we don't know what to think. I hope this serves as a reminder of just how amazing of a person you are!


How do you start your week off right? Drop your comments below.

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xoxo, Flings