Positive Mondays Jan 18

Sooooo it's already 2016, and I'm already behind on blogging and updating my website. Let me start by saying "Happy new year!!!" Ok so it's close to the end of the month but better late than never right!?? 

Now that that's out of the way, let me give you guys a short update you guys about what's been going on. Fall training went really well. I am getting stronger and better each day. I know I promised to give you guys updates on how training was going but what had happened was...I really don't have any excuses. On Jan 15, I had my first indoor meet of the season! It was really exciting for me. I'll  write more about it later this week so be sure to check back!

Now on to the reason for this post, Positive Mondays!

Yesterday in church (Abundant Life Christian Center in Syracuse) Pastor John Carter preached a message that really spoke to me, so I thought I'd share. The message was about focusing on now and clearing the way for new things to come into your life. As the old saying goes, 'out with the old, in with the new!'



This really spoke to me because it's hard to let things in the past be things in the past. I find too often that I live in the past. When I say past, I don't only mean that I dwell on the bad things in the past, I also often live in my past successes. It is time for me to move on, part of the message was to clear space and allow God to bring in the new. Pastor Carter stated that in order for God to bring in the new, you have to let go of the old. The message spoke to me and I know there was plenty of people that can benefit from the message. I think it will be posted on the ALCClife website at some point and I strongly encourage everyone to go listen to it. And while you're there check out other amazing messages from Pastor John and others at the church!

Have a beautiful day and week everyone!!

What are some things you need to clear out in order to receive the new?

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xoxo Flings